Class DepthFirstSearch

All Implemented Interfaces:
SearchStrategy, StateSpaceSearch, Serializable

public final class DepthFirstSearch extends AbstractStateSpaceSearch
This class implements Depth First Search strategy.
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Serialized Form
  • Constructor Details

    • DepthFirstSearch

      public DepthFirstSearch()
      Creates a new Greedy best First Search search strategy with default parameters.
    • DepthFirstSearch

      public DepthFirstSearch(int timeout)
      Creates a new Greedy best First Search search strategy.
      timeout - the time out of the planner.
  • Method Details

    • search

      public Node search(Problem codedProblem)
      The greedy best first search algorithm. Solves the planning problem and returns the first solution plan found. This method must be completed.
      codedProblem - the problem to be solved. The problem cannot be null.
      a solution plan or null if it does not exist.