Interface PlanningGraphHeuristic

All Superinterfaces:
Heuristic, Serializable, StateHeuristic
All Known Implementing Classes:
AdjustedSum, AdjustedSum2, AjustedSum2M, Combo, CriticalPath, FastForward, GraphHeuristic, Max, RelaxedGraphHeuristic, SetLevel, Sum, SumMutex

public interface PlanningGraphHeuristic extends StateHeuristic
This interface defines the methods accessible from all heuristics. An heuristic is a function that estimates the remaining distance to the goal. In order to find this estimation an heuristic function tries to solve a relaxed problem.

To have an good overview of the planning heuristics developed in this package see D. Bryce and S. Kambhampati. "A Tutorial on Planning Graph Based Reachability Heuristics", 2006.