Class InitialState

All Implemented Interfaces:
FluentDescription, Serializable

public class InitialState extends AbstractFluentDescription
This class implements an initial syaye, i.e., the set of known positives and negative fluents.
See Also:
Serialized Form
  • Constructor Details

    • InitialState

      public InitialState(InitialState other)
      Creates a new initial state from a other initial state.
      other - the other initiam state.
    • InitialState

      public InitialState()
      Creates a new empty initial state.
  • Method Details

    • getNumericVariables

      public final List<NumericVariable> getNumericVariables()
      Returns the list of numeric variables of this initial state.
      the list of numeric variables of this initial state.
    • setNumericVariables

      public final void setNumericVariables(List<NumericVariable> variables)
      Sets the numeric variables of the initial state.
      variables - the numeric variables of the state.
    • addNumericFluent

      public void addNumericFluent(NumericVariable variable)
      Adds a numeric variables to the initial state.
      variable - the variable to add.