Class Task

All Implemented Interfaces:
AtomicFormula, Serializable

public class Task extends AbstractAtomicFormula
This class implements a task used in HTN planning.
See Also:
Serialized Form
  • Constructor Details

    • Task

      public Task(Task other)
      Create a new task from an other one. This constructor make a deep copy of the specified task.
      other - the task.
    • Task

      public Task(int symbol, int[] arguments, boolean flag)
      Creates a new atomic formula with a specified symbol and list of arguments.
      symbol - the symbol of the atomic formula.
      arguments - the list of arguments of the atomic formula.
      flag - the flag used to indicates that the task is primitive or not.
  • Method Details

    • isPrimtive

      public final boolean isPrimtive()
      Returns true if the task is a primitive task.
      true if the task is a primitive task, false otherwise.
    • setPrimtive

      public final void setPrimtive(boolean flag)
      Set the boolean flag used to specified if the task is a primitive task to a specified value.
      flag - the flag.