Getting Started

This section explains how to download PDDL4J from GitHub, create an executable of the library and run the Fast Forward planner implemented in the library.


We assume that :
java -version

Getting PDDL4J

To get PDDL4J just checkout the source from git repository:

git clone
cd pddl4j

Creating the executable jar

To build PDDL4J and creating the executable jar use the following command line:

./gradlew jar

This command build a single jar of the PDDL4J library containing all the dependency libraries used by PDDL4J. The jar generated is located in the directory build/libs/pddl4j-X.X.jar where X.X is the version of PDDL4J.

Example: Running Fast Forward planner

Several planners are implemented in PDDL4J (see section Running Planners from Command line.) to have the full list of planners implemented in the library and have the command lines to run them. As sample, find below the command line to launch Fast Forward planner implemented in the library.

$ java -cp build/libs/pddl4j-4.0.0.jar fr.uga.pddl4j.planners.statespace.FF \
   src/test/resources/benchmarks/pddl/ipc2000/logistics/strips-typed/domain.pddl \

This command run the planner FF on the domain logics and the problem 1.

The output produces by the planner is as follow:

parsing domain file "domain.pddl" done successfully
parsing problem file "p01.pddl" done successfully

problem instantiation done successfully (140 actions, 56 fluents)
* starting enforced hill climbing
* enforced hill climbing succeeded

found plan as follows:

00: (     load-truck obj23 tru2 pos2) [0]
01: (     load-truck obj21 tru2 pos2) [0]
02: (     load-truck obj13 tru1 pos1) [0]
03: (     load-truck obj11 tru1 pos1) [0]
04: (drive-truck tru2 pos2 apt2 cit2) [0]
05: (   unload-truck obj23 tru2 apt2) [0]
06: (  load-airplane obj23 apn1 apt2) [0]
07: (   unload-truck obj21 tru2 apt2) [0]
08: (  load-airplane obj21 apn1 apt2) [0]
09: (    fly-airplane apn1 apt2 apt1) [0]
10: (unload-airplane obj23 apn1 apt1) [0]
11: (unload-airplane obj21 apn1 apt1) [0]
12: (drive-truck tru1 pos1 apt1 cit1) [0]
13: (     load-truck obj23 tru1 apt1) [0]
14: (     load-truck obj21 tru1 apt1) [0]
15: (   unload-truck obj13 tru1 apt1) [0]
16: (   unload-truck obj11 tru1 apt1) [0]
17: (drive-truck tru1 apt1 pos1 cit1) [0]
18: (   unload-truck obj23 tru1 pos1) [0]
19: (   unload-truck obj21 tru1 pos1) [0]

time spent:       0,02 seconds parsing
                  0,04 seconds encoding
                  0,02 seconds searching
                  0,07 seconds total time

memory used:      0,00 MBytes for problem representation
                  0,00 MBytes for searching
                  0,00 MBytes total

Most of the domains and the problems from IPC (International Planning Competition) are available for testing in the directory src/test/resources/benchmarks/. They are classified by year and by competition track.