Class IntAction

All Implemented Interfaces:
Operator, Serializable

public final class IntAction extends AbstractIntOperator
This class implements an action. This class is used to store compact representation of an action during the instantiation process.


  • 20.10.2020: change the duration attribute to encode temporal problem.
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Serialized Form
  • Field Details


      public static double DEFAULT_COST
      The default cost of an action.
  • Constructor Details

    • IntAction

      public IntAction(IntAction other)
      Create a new action from a specified action. This constructor create a deep copy of the specified action.
      other - the other action.
    • IntAction

      public IntAction(String name, int arity)
      Create a new action with a specified name.
      name - the name of the action.
      arity - the arity of the action. Arity must be greater than 0.
  • Method Details

    • getCost

      public final double getCost()
      Returns the cost of the action.
      the cost of the action.
    • setCost

      public final void setCost(double cost)
      Sets the cost of the action.
      cost - the cost to set.
    • getEffects

      public final Expression<Integer> getEffects()
      Return the effects of the action.
      the effects of the action.
    • setEffects

      public final void setEffects(Expression<Integer> effects)
      Set the new effects of the action.
      effects - the effects to set